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Smartphone Repair

Android & Apple

We can repair or replace almost anything on your smartphone.

LCD Screen Replacement

Back Cover Replacement

Battery Replacement

Digitizer / Touch Screen Repair

PC, Laptop & iPad Repairs

Windows & Apple

We can repair or replace almost anything to do with your PC, Laptop or iPad.

Screen Repair for iPads & Laptops

Hardware Repair / Replacement

Battery Replacement

Software / Hardware Installations

Virus Removal

Malware, Spyware etc...

We specialize in diagnostics, cleaning and repair of your computer.


Malware, Adware, Spyware Removal

Anti-Virus Installation

System Cleaning

Data Transfer & Backup

Full Data Privacy & Security

We backup all of your important files & provide full data privacy + security.

External HDD

Fast Transfer + Backups

Full Data Security + Privacy

Safe Transfers

*Call in to our Shop at 6 Mount Street Crescent for a free Diagnosis.*

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