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Wilsons Auctions

In our line of business we work to extremely tight time frames, this being the case we need an IT provider who provides an efficient 24/7 service which the team at Planit do. We use Planit for everything from data wiping to technical support and are very happy with the service.
Rebecca Wilson - Head of Corporate Services

DITSU Trading

Courtesy, professionalism, and a superior service attitude. When the first thing I said was that I wanted to talk to a highly technically competent network connectivity specialist, Planit didn't falter. I chose to give Planit a chance and we have had superb IT support ever since.
Mark Lynch - Finacial Officer

TR Motors

As a small businesses with essential uptime required, Planit have bailed us out of numerous computer related issues. Using their expert advice, onsite service and remote support we are now able to control the finance spent on our computer system investment.
Louise Moloney - After Sales Director


I have worked with the Planit team for a long time now and I have to say that they have been a pleasure to work with. Planit are very keen to understand our business and have subsequently matched our roles very well.One thing that is very important to me when working external IT consultants is professionalism and loyalty and Planit have always maintained this despite being given some difficult roles to fill.
Victor Gibson - Financial Director


In our business, it is critical that our systems are both robust and reliable. The service we receive from Planit is technically excellent, fast and friendly and I would recommend Planit Computing to any business where system uptime is critical.
Ann Byrne - Business Developement Manager

Friel Stafford

Planit Computing have continually provided the highest level of commitment and expertise that we as a firm demand and have never let us down. Planit Computing have regularly performed well above and beyond our expectations in order to ensure the continuous smooth running of our IT infrastructure. Planit Computing are always available to give advice when needed. We find that all the staff at Planit Computing are very professional, highly motivated and able to provide intelligent solutions for any problem that may arise. I would highly recommend Planit Computing.
Ciara Nolan - Office Manager

Wize Commerce Inc / NexTag

PlanIT is part of our extended IT family and a trusted partner. We rely on their industry knowledge and IT expertise every time we reach out to them for assistance. Their service is second to none. They show up on time and with all the right tools. It's their attention to detail that separates them from the pack and why we value them as an trusted partner.
Harmail Chatha - Director of Operations

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